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Marka Racing ESC Programm Card for 1:28 ESC MZR-ESC-V1

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Artikel-Nr.: MZR-ESC-CARD-V1

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Produktinformationen "Marka Racing ESC Programm Card for 1:28 ESC MZR-ESC-V1"
Program card for Marka Racing 1:28 Spec 20A Sensorless Brushless ESC code: MZR-ESC-V1.

Programmable Parameter Menu
  1. Running Mode: "Forward with Brake"(F & B) mode, the car can go forward and brake, but cannot go backward, this
    model is suitable for competition; "Forward/Reverse with Brake" (F/R&B) mode provides backward function, which is suitable for training. The "Forward/Reverse" (F/R)mode is only used for rock crawler.

    Note: "Forward/Reverse with Brake" mode uses "Double-Click" method to make the car go backward. When you move he throttle stick from forward zone to backward zone for the first time, the ESC begins to rake the motor, the motor speeds down but it is still running, not completely stopped, so the backward action is not happened now. When the throttle stick is moved to the backward zone again(The 2*'click'), if the motor speed is slowed down to zero (i.e. stopped), the backward action will be occurred. The "Double-Click" method can prevent mistakenly reverse when the brake function is frequently used in steering. With "Forward/Reverse" mode, the reverse action will be happened immediately when the throttle stick is moved to backward zone. Please set the "Drag Brake Force" to 100% if you choose the "Forward/Reverse" mode;
  2. Drag Brake Force: Set the amount of drag brake applied at neutral throttle to simulate the slight braking effect of a neutral brushed motor while coasting;
  3. Low Voltage Cut-off: mainly to prevent over-discharge of the Li Po battery pack. When using a Li Po battery pack, please set an appropriate low-voltage protection value. ESC monitors battery power at any time, if the voltage is lower than the threshold, the output power will be reduced to 50% in 2 seconds. Please stop as soon as possible at this time;
  4. Start Mode (Also called "Punch"): Select from"Level1 (Soft)" to "Level 9 (Very aggressive)" start mode as your like.
    Please note that if you choose "Level 7” to "Level 9", you'd better use good quality battery pack with powerful discharge ability, otherwise these modes cannot get the bursting start effect as you want. If the motor cannot run smoothly (the motor is trembling), it may caused by the weak discharge ability of the battery pack, please choose a better battery or increase the gear rate;
  5. Maximum Brake Force: The ESC provides proportional brake function. The brake force is related to the position of the throttle stick. Maximum brake force refers to the force when the throttle stick is located at the top point of the backward zone. A very large brake force can shorten the brake time, but it may damage the gears;
  6. Maximum Reverse Force: Sets how much power will be applied in the reverse direction. Different value makes different reverse speed;
  7. Initial Brake Force: It is also called "minimum brake force" and it refers to the force when the throttle stick is located at the initial position of the backward zone. The default value is equal to the drag brake force, o the brake effect can be very smooth;
  8. Throttle Neutral Range: Please see the following illustrations to adjust the neutra range as your like;
  9. Timing: Different brushless motors have many differences in structure and parameters, and ESCs with a fixed timing are difficult to be compatible with all brushless motors. The timing value must be programmable. Please select the most suitable timing value according to the motor you are using. Generally speaking, a higher timing value brings higher power output, but the overall efficiency of the system will decrease;
  10. Over-Heat protection: If this function is activated, the output power will be cut off when the temperature of the ESC is higher than the factory set value and the time exceeds 5S. When protection occurs, the blue LED will flashes.

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