JR128-R01 2WD RTR-RC-Car-Set - Grün

JR128-R01 2WD RTR-RC-Car-Set - Grün
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  • JOM280104
  JR128-R01 series models are 1:28 scale ultra small high performance 2WD indoor... mehr
Produktinformationen "JR128-R01 2WD RTR-RC-Car-Set - Grün"

 JR128-R01 series models are 1:28 scale ultra small high performance 2WD indoor racing cars with a lot of very advanced opportunities for fine tuning and car setup, which you might find very surprising in a car of this very small size.

The cars are already equipped with a micro servo for steering, a small 2.4 GHz receiver and an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) running with 1S / 3.7V Lipo batteries, providing 5.5V current for receiver and steering servo.

Various other commercially available steering servos, micro receivers and micro car ESCs for brushed or brushless motors from other brands can be built in and used in this car.

Ask your dealer for our brushless motor and ESC-system and for our 2S Lipo batteries, if you need 8.4V power supply for your preferred electronics.

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