4WD R10 Machine Cutted Carbon Rim (W 0)

4WD R10 Machine Cutted Carbon Rim (W 0)
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  Welcome to the next evolution of Mini-z rims.   For years, we have plastic... mehr
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Welcome to the next evolution of Mini-z rims.


For years, we have plastic rims, and alloy rims, alloys look great, but are heavy and don't offer enough flex to absorb vibrations, as a result, like a stiff chassis, the car end up heavy and with less grip. Not to mention that alloy wheels are very expensive, so not very practical for racing. On the other hand, plastic rims offer light weight, good grip, but not such good looks, but for racers, performance is most important, so they have been the main choice for most racers, plus they are also quite cheap, so racers can keep opening new ones for consistent performance.


Then we have the machine cut Derlin or plastic rims, these offer light weight, machine cut precision, but are often too soft and also quite expensive.


Now, GL offers the carbon rims, they are made with a plastic re-enforced by carbon, look realistic, much harder than ordinary plastic, this translates to consistent and smooth cornering, but still offer good flex unlike alloys, these rims are also machine cut, offering perfect roundness and symmetry right when you open the packaging. We belief these rims are the very best rims money can buy, and should set a new standard for Mini-Z racing.



In summary:

 - Best material, best design, best manufacturing process

 - Multi-spoke design with even support for the rim surface

 - Much harder than plastic but still flexes for vibrations

 - Light weight, just a little heavier than plastic

 - Machine cut precision, yes, a round rim helps!

Offset: 0 mm
Breite: 11 mm
Durchmesser: 20 mm
Passend für: AWD
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