GLR 1/27 RWD Chassis - W/O RX

GLR 1/27 RWD Chassis - W/O RX
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  • GLR-001-KSET
2x4 PB has been replaced by 2x4TB This kit version includes: GLR Chassis Electronic... mehr
Produktinformationen "GLR 1/27 RWD Chassis - W/O RX"

2x4 PB has been replaced by 2x4TB

This kit version includes:

  • GLR Chassis
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • Servo

Items you will need to run:

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • 15mm brushless Motor (e.g. GL and PN motors)
  • 2S LiPo battery (47x11x20mm JST-PH plug)
  • LiPo charger
  • Mini-Z RWD style Wheels and Tires
  • 98mm Mini-Z body shell
  • Assembly tools

Having launched and released our race winning GLA AWD 1:28 chassis, we are proud to present our design for the RWD format, the GLR!
RWD is the chassis format favored by on-road RC cars for years, it's advantage on smooth high grip surfaces cannot be underestimated, where low c.g. and light weight have key advantages. Fans also love the simplicity of this type of layout, easy to setup, easy to maintain. 

As per our traditions, the GLR is competitive in basic kit form, with option parts to allow for further customization and setting changes.

Ultra low center of gravity, the GLR is even lower than the GLA, crucial on high grip surfaces.
Wheelbase is 98mm and it fits all 98mm ASC bodies.

We believe we have created yet another great product, we hope you enjoy the GLR!

Assembly guide can be found here.

  • Ultra low CG design
  • Carbon chassis, Carbon upper decks, Carbon front brace


  • Full metal gear servo with partial alloy casing
  • Servo Saver built into steering crank
  • Front upper arm suspension with camber gain
  • Side link system for maximum rear axle traction.


  • Tri-friction-grease-damper system
  • Aluminum alloy rear sub-frame
  • Ball differential with 64dp pitch gears
  • Hobbywing Brushless ESC, programmable with optional program card


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