1/28 P1M LEXAN BODY (102mm WB)

1/28 P1M LEXAN BODY (102mm WB)
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  • GBL001-P1M-102
GL Racing worked with one of the leading Lexan shell manufacturer  BLITZ Bodyshell  to... mehr
Produktinformationen "1/28 P1M LEXAN BODY (102mm WB)"

GL Racing worked with one of the leading Lexan shell manufacturer BLITZ Bodyshell to bring you the 1/27 P1M. Based on Blitz P1, we worked with Blitz to produce something closer to real car dimensions with longer bonnet and longer tail than their 1/12 offering.

Wheelbase is 98mm, body width is just under 80mm fitting in with current lexan shells on the market to maximize performance while staying under 80mm for most racing rules.

Testing showed that this shell has great driving characteristics, higher top speed, high speed stability as well as nimble rotation through slower corners.

Comes readily with Windows Masks and Stickers, too!

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